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 Vibrational Healing

When you hear the phrase “vibrational healing”, what kind of things do you imagine? If you cannot imagine anything, maybe you can think about “Reiki” or “Qui-gong (Chi-gong)”.  People call “vibration” so many different names like “frequency”, “energy”, “qui/chi”, “light” etc. Ultimately it leads us to the “universe”, “higher-self”, “something great”, “creator” or “God”.

Our world is filled with a variety of vibrations and these are currently studied in the scientific field of quantum mechanics. You cannot see vibrations but you can feel them. You can hear sound because it vibrates through the air and your ears recognise it as sound. Some vibrations help your cells to heal and some cause them damage. In recent years there have been numerous studies on the effects of vibrations on the human body.

My experience with vibrational healing started around 30 years ago. My father was the one who had a session first. When he came home, he said “I don’t know how to describe it  but I felt some kind of electric wave, like a low-frequency when healer put his hands on my head”.

My mother and I were so interested that we started to have sessions with this healer. After a few years, my mother, herself has started to have some kind of heat or vibration in her hands. My power was not as strong before, however in recent years I have also started to feel so much vibrational energy going through my body.

I feel that the vibration is the energy (love) of the universe and that I pass it to clients during kinesiology or TAIYOH healing sessions. It’s not only me. I think most of the kinesiologists and natural health professionals send energy to their clients while they are giving sessions.




Music box        music box

Music boxes are a very powerful healing tool (not small ones). They have a wide range of frequencies, from high to low, and these frequencies affect blood flow in the brain stem and hypothalamus.


Tuning Fork      Tuning Fork

Tuning Forks are useful to give specific frequency. There are so many therapeutic tuning forks of different frequencies. It is said that 528Hz is the frequency for the love of universe and that this frequency repairs damaged DNA.


Terafight       Tera

The Terafight is an energy activating device. According to the inventor, he made this by spiritual inspiration and was influenced to create this by a spiritual being. The centre of the Terafight creates a zero magnetic field which enhances the power/energy of fluids and solids.


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