” My goal was to be able to weed in the garden for long periods of time without my lower back locking up with pain and discomfort. The next day after the session I decided that I would like to try my new!!! back out and see if I could maintain a long weeding session in the garden without all of the discomfort. Well I started at ~9am and finished up at ~5pm! It felt like the joints in my back had been lubricated, this meant that my back didn’t lock up at all throughout the day and I had very little pain!!! My partner could not believe how long I was out there for and how happy I looked. I felt amazing and I want to thank you so much!!!
I also came to a realisation that a lot of my personality had been affected by the trauma associated with my experience at birth, to the point that I realise now that I have always almost grieved when people have left our house after staying with us, I have always said that I would never have children because I was scared of what they would turn out like and if I could even be a good mother, and the feeling of being abandoned is just so true, I never knew that something so simple was causing so many issues in my life.
I can’t thank you enough, you have made me feel like a brand new person and so much happier, I didn’t realise how much pain I was really putting up with”  (G.P)

” I have been struggling with insomnia since my husband’s accident. After the session, I can sleep very well and sometimes I feel like over sleeping 😉  Thank you! ”   (M.S)

“My cells don’t hesitate any more to have deep breath. Feeling very relaxed.”  (K.Y)

” I went to choir rehearsal just after the session and people told me that my voice was so beautiful. I’m so happy! I’m really looking forward to having our next session.” (K.T)

” I was searching for a stable job to secure regular income. I’ve started to get more casual jobs once I started to have sessions, and now I’ve got a regular part time job.”  (H.H)

” My husband has been suffering from low blood pressure (highest around 60-70 mm Hg) for the last few months. The next day after the session, his blood pressure was over 90 and our community nurse was so surprised. ” (M.Y)