TAIYOH Healing

“Taiyoh” means “the sun” in Japanese. So you might think this is a solar healing, however, in a “TAIYOH Healing” we don’t gaze at the sun or go outside.

Instead we set an imaginary sun in the room to shower us with sunlight. The session room will be filled with the protection and love of your higher self and your spiritual leaders/guides  (these are not necessarily religious figures). Your old and tired energy will be replaced with clean and fresh energy so you feel warm and relaxed (sometimes very sleepy) during session. At the end of the session, the power and love of the sun will stay in your heart.

This healing method was created by the powerful Japanese psychic lady known as “Light Worker Reika”. Ms Reika has possessed a powerful psychic ability since she was a child. She sees the people’s problems visually during TAIYOH Healing sessions and can remove the origin of the issue.

I learned this method from her in Tokyo and I am the first and only person to do this healing in Australia so far.

Please visit her official page by clicking this line to see more detail (only available in Japanese).