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Hello and Welcome

Hello, my name is Hiroko. I grew up with the people who can see or hear the spirits, remember past lives and feel things that normally we cannot feel.  I was so scared of ghosts and spirits when I was small and I thought I was lucky that I didn’t have any special senses like these people. However, because I grew up in this environment, talking about spiritual things was not very strange for me but such stories were still taboo in the world at that time.

In the last 5-10 years, (I feel) the world has suddenly changed. Many people have started to talk about spiritual things and have begun to reveal their special senses. Actually, everybody has these “special” senses which, a long time ago, used to not be considered “special” at all. All humans have the so called 6th sense and many of us have been forgotten these abilities in this business minded world. We have been brought up to not  believe in things that we cannot see or things that have not been scientifically proven.

Now many scientists and medical doctors have also started to talk about how the human body has a system to heal itself and our own mind can create or treat disease. Many alternative health modalities have arisen as a result of this knowledge.

I have wanted to be a therapist for sometime but I didn’t know what modality to practise. When I learned about kinesiology, I thought “this is it!”

Kinesiology has become my lifework. Through this study, I have realised how beautifully our body has been made and also how our body is the wonderful art of the universe. We are part of the universe and all of us have a responsibility to look after it.